Tuesday, April 10, 2012

. Y O .

I own ALL photos. I know, right?

My great uncle was a gay cowboy..
It gets better...he did a lot of horse stunts in old western movies.
Just a fun fact about my interesting family.
More of my aunt's art.
"Beware of Drunks".
Good advice.
My love and obsession for black eyes continues.  I feel like that is how I'll meet my future husband...he'll have a black eye and I'll have to ask, "what happened?".
Apparently I'm SURE.
And I miss Lindsay <3

-slightly disheveled


  1. it was weird to know i was there just off in the distance in some of those photos... miss you.

    gay cowboy uncle?? stop it. i thought it would end at circus.

  2. Dear G,

    Come on...you know it never ends...