Friday, August 13, 2010


After seeing these 4 photos of Anna Wintour I'm finally convinced that she is 




Sunday, August 08, 2010


I am proud to present Spanish Moss Vintage's line...

American Gold

Fall 2010

We all work really hard on this line...

its pretty insane seeing as how Suzanne and I are never in the same place at the same time!

I'm extremely proud of her.
This is my favorite season yet.

Although I'm so happy production is over!

These are just a few of my favorites.
Check out the rest of the line!

Shop American Gold here.

Shop Spanish Moss Vintage here.


Thursday, August 05, 2010


I would do an obscene amount of things for this tee.
Things that I would most definitely regret.

If anyone knows where I can get one of these or would like to make me one, feel free to share ;)
Pretty please and thank you.



Sunday, August 01, 2010



I never thought that when I quit my job last year (designing a private label for Target) that things would come together so well...

I guess when you're little you think everything IS possible and that you CAN do or be whatever you want.

Then somewhere around puberty and high school we all get a little "lazy" or "partied"...or prohibited by the idea of actual work...? Whatever it may be, it seems a lot of people I know/knew left their dreams back in the their childhood.  Now those dreams seem "crazy" to chase all these years later.

(Aunt Kristen sounds a little full of herself, eh?)

I have to admit, I was there at one time...I mean, I was a business management major.  We're talking accounting, economics, marketing, statistics, etc.!  I did just fine, I was emerged in that for a year and a half...then I considered slitting my wrists with the razor blade of boredom.  
*(a.k.a. "the razor blade of boredom").

I transfered, I moved, I had no friends, I discovered a fashion program, I graduated, I did what I wanted to since I was a little girl...oh yeah, and a long the way I've made an insane amount of great friends <3

I always thought I would make clothes, design clothes, and first and foremost appreciate clothing as a form of art.

I like pushing the limits without being tacky...well, I guess thats all in the eye of the beholder, right?

Well, how about recycling fashion?
I'm not talking thrifting or buying vintage, but actually RECYCLING clothing into NEW clothing.
I've wanted to do this since I was in design school...all my projects were modeled after this idea.  Back then I refereed to it as Reconstructed Vintage...I've even owned the website for a few years!  The idea was originally inspired by my sister, Brittney.  Her keen eye on tailoring vintage pieces that she stopped wearing, in order to make new pieces, was awesome.  That way she didn't have to buy new clothes (we didn't always have money for things like that).
I LOVED it, I thought it was genius.  Mind you, this was pre "Urban Renewal" and "Super Lucky Cat"...etc.

Voila, Redux Ritual...


***Every photo links to the individual style for purchase.

You can also see Suzanne from Spanish Moss wearing a pair of our sweater shorts on her blog here.  She loved them so much she kept a pair...we love you Suz!

Some things you should know about Redux Ritual 
 Brittney and I...

*We cut and sew everything ourselves.
*We recycle almost every scrap from every garment, so don't be surprised if you later see one of these fabrics as a skirt, a pocket, or a sleeve.
*We only add few fabrics and trims to the garments...and they are all leftovers from other lines.
*Recycling was instilled in us since we were very small and its very important to me. 
*We love vintage, especially when tailored to "fit" the current era.
*We are 2 years apart.
*Brittney quit her job to come home and make this happen.
*Our younger sister Kara does any seam ripping we need (thanks Kay Bay Bay).
*Every piece is a unique us...and each girl who buys it <3

How many sisters imagined starting a band together, being princesses...or my case, anything famous (although I never told ANYONE that), marrying princes...or better yet, marrying twins and living next door to each other? (that one is nutso, but it happened cause I heard it come out of some girls mouths), traveling the world together, becoming a roller skating due legend (I, also, really wanted this one to happen), joining a traveling circus together...we actually halfway did that :/
No Joke.
(there's always a kid like this :/ )

OR growing up and designing and creating their own fashion labels together?

We did.

I love you Brittney.
Thank you for all that you are and all that you do.