Monday, July 19, 2010


For some reason these things have always interested me.  Not because I want to be in one (duh), but because they always seem so mysterious.  Where I grew up there was this rumor of an abandoned asylum...I knew some kids that had been to it, but they were super spooked and never talked about it...whatEVER, right?
my friends decided we needed to go...of course, right?  
So we did and I'm not going to lie when I say that it was screwed.
There was a huge blood stain on the ceiling and weird mattresses in each room.  Pretty much everything gross looking on them...use your imagination.  Anyhow we went during the middle of the night, for "extra scare effect" ;)
I love it/hated it.

Soooooooo then...

right after I graduated high school I worked a retail job (among other jobs and college)and I was telling my co-workers about it.  I said I thought I could find it by how my friends had described.  Thus starting "mission: find the insane asylum #2".  
Wheeeeeew, we found it 
Only it wasn't was another creepy place.  Half eroded and crumbled.  Again we were there in the middle of the night...this time with alcohol.  Dang-get.

There was an ENORMOUS tree next to it.  Looked like this, but much fuller and almost all the branches drooped to the ground...

Co-workers: "I'm not going in there", "well, I'm not going in first!", "I'm a girl, so I'm definitely NOT going first!".
Bre: "FINE, geez, you guys are babies, I'll go".
What the hell was I thinking?!...I'm pretty sure it was "annoyed", but whatever.

Yep, you guessed it...flashlight stopped working as soon as I ducked under those branches into that evil tree huddle from hell.
They were yelling my name to make sure I was okay.  For some reason I didn't answer, well, because it was scary as shit in there and I could hear something rustling in the brush.  So instead I decided to scream.  Not because I was scared, but because I wanted to scare them...I'm such a bitch.  I thought it was hilarious!  I screamed like a banchi and then stood super still and quite.  Waited a minute.  And SCREAMED again!...came running out of the tree, bursting through the branches!
Oh man, it was so of the girls was crying.
I think.
Something like it.
We'll go with that cause it sounds better. 

Ain't no snot of Fuzzy Navel gonna cool those nerves.

So, lets get to it...
I found these beautiful photos of asylums all around the US and they're quite beautiful, sadly.
I've always liked chipped paint in photographs...for some reason.

This is not a million cans of soup or something, but 
hundreds of unclaimed urns.

I think this would be a great backdrop for a photoshoot...exactly the way it is.  Sooo beautiful.

This one made me sad.
As if they were ever going to need those again.

Did I mention I love scary movies and often think about how I would survive at any given moment if something/anything horrible were to happen...?
Morbid, I know, but I like to think of it as being prepared...?

Photos taken by Christopher Payne.

Pretty sweet that they had bowling, theater, and a beauty salon.
Autopsy room, not so sweet :(


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