Friday, June 25, 2010


P I P P I    L O N G S T O C K I N G

I S    C O M I N G    I N T O    Y O U R    W O R L D .

DRESS: Vintage (bought in Brooklyn, to wear on New Years).
SWEATER: Nortwick men's (from Treasury Dept.).
BOOTS: Vintage.
SOCKS/STOCKINGS: Target (the socks I've had for years...they were ahead of their time...and the stockings were tights, but I cut them off.  I do that a lot).  My garter belt was actually from Target as well.
JEWELS: Bracelets were my Momma's, passed down.  Black cross necklace is vintage and the rosary I picked up on some vacation somewhere.  The neon bracelet is a shoe string from when I was a kid...prolly from some L.A. Gears, BOOM.

My good friend, Lindsay, did my hair wrap a couple weeks ago and I'm in love with it.
And to top it off, I've been doing my makeup like a pixie fairy lately...I have no idea where its coming from or why, but I'm apparently really into it.
I've always been interested in Pippi Longstocking as a character, but some how she has completely filled my imagination lately.  All I want to do is dress like  a version of her...maybe mixed with a little bit of the orphans that little orphan Annie used to run with.  Of course its all mixed with a TON of me...hence the sequins and the cross necklaces.  Anyhow, I hope this inspires the orphan in you :)



  1. You inspire me Ms. Theraldson. Sometimes I wanna crawl up in that head of yours and look around... do somebackflips.