Friday, May 28, 2010


Changed my header again...can't help it.
I need constant change.

My friend, Pat, told me I better start blogging for fear of all the naked girls roaming the streets not knowing what to wear next...

...I thought that was pretty much hilarious/genius...and a compliment, no?

A lot of things that have been catching my attention lately...

S H O E S .

I have a vintage pair like this, but they flair on the side of bronze and I think I like these more...?
Can't get these out of my HEAD...ugh.
(I like these white boots for Spring/Summer).

I guess you can say that I'm ready for Spring, but I can NOT let go of Fall.

This photographer, Jenni Porkka, is captivating my mind lately...or I should say, my imagination.  The coloring of the stories makes me want to run away.  On a horse.  Wearing Indian face paint.  Right after chopping thicker bangs than my childhood had ever known.  I'll definitely be wearing some kind of fur in the sunshine, yet I'll never sweat, EVER.  A new Neo-Indian album (its in my head, I hope its in Karen's) from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be streaming live from the heavens (heavy bass, please?).  Oh, and I'll probably have the ability to fly.
Its my imagination, I can do what I want.

Did I mention I want to do this all alone....God, please, let me do this alone.

How beautiful is it?
Check out her site...its pretty bitchin' the way you can navigate around it and all.

Other things I can't get enough of...well, and NEVER have been...

Fluorescent accents against natural colors...I want a piece of my hair this color.  EFF pastel streaks right now (I totally like them, just bummed they're EVERYWHERE now).  Balls out, NEON.  Traci (my newest hairdresser/pseudo nephew's momma <3), do you think you can do it??!!!???  I think you can.
What can I say but, I'm a product of the 80's.

Loved when I found this because my Spring 2011 line is very much so based off this type of color vibe.  Fluorescent and nudes/pastels have been in my mind bouncing around trying to be out in life since one of my first internships when I was in design school.  I bet Maia (one of old boss'/one of the most inspirational women anyone should ever have the pleasure of knowing) still has the tear sheet (I was in LOVE with) that started the whole obsession.

WOW, I can't wait for it to be born.

Can't even remember where I found this (Lè Fashion..?).
Bedroom for outside the bedroom...always been my fav (sorry, I always write about it).  So happy to see the fashion world embrace it so.
Makes me feel less skanky.  Well, no, thats a lie, but I love it anyhow.

Damn straight I will be like this mother.
Too bitchin' to even talk about.

Want/need a vintage dress that swallows my entire body with all of its fabric!  Geez, I want to cuddle up in her nook and bury myself in all that fabric.  Sorry, I got a little weird with that one, Honest, but weird.

Alright, completely into this kooky parrot button up.
How much better would it be in pastels (Yes, I Photoshopped it)?!
Now I'm mildly obsessed.
How much better would it be if it were Flamingos?!
Mission "Crazed Search For Kooky Shirt" in effect as of now.


Ugh, sweet sweet baby.  This sparked something inside of me not known before now.  Get back into my life, so we can do this next.
Something about an old public indoor pool house that makes my blood the best way.  Ever known that feeling?'s pretty weird.  Being alone with one other person...its either a romantic moment or you're both going to get slaughtered in a horror flick.  Either the thought.  Sick, I know, but I love me some romance and equally love me some horror.
Luckily I've watched enough horror films to know that if attacked in that pool house, there's always a fire extinguisher to bash over someone's head and you better get your ass out of the water ASAP.  
I need to start carrying a gun or something.



(images borrowed from Jak & Jil, Lè fashion, Facehunter, Sartorialist, Underground UK, Oak NYC, Hanneli, etc.?)


  1. "Did I mention I want to do this all alone....God, please, let me do this alone."

    call me l8r.

    Weird that the only thing I crave right now (most in life) is to have a freaking few hours/days/weeks alone....?
    I'm a weirdo.

    <3 Yooooooooooou.
    See you tonight?