Thursday, April 01, 2010


Russian Harper's Bazaar

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I've been in love with Alice in Wonderland since I was pretty damn young.  
If I could have stalked Lewis Carrol, I might have.  
I did so many reports on him when I was in high school.  His real name is Charles Dodgson...Lewis Carrol is just his pen name.
I studied his poetry...and used to write poems using a specific style that he would write in called 
Acrostic poetry. 
You name it.  
I'm obsessed.

I completely endure every second of fashion when Alice in Wonderland becomes its muse.

And, of course, to have Chloe play Alice is easy on the eyes...although the original/actual Alice (Alice Liddell) had short dark hair.

This is Edith, Lorina, and Alice Liddell.
Sooo cute, right?
Not sure if Dodgson took this photo, but here are some that he did take...

Though he claims that his character, Alice, isn't based on an actual child, the acrostic poem at the end of "Through The Looking Glass" spells out her name....?
He has a pretty bad rap...his photography was/is highly controversial.  People labeled him as a pedophile for his interest in photographing little girls/children, but who was never proved.  Maybe he just liked photographing small people...?  The children's parents were almost always present.
I don't know, but Alice looks tired in that last one.
Early call time or what?


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