Thursday, February 04, 2010


T H E R E   I S   N O   G O O D

I N   T H I S   G O O D B Y E .

B R U N C H   W I T H   S O M E    B A B E S .

D A Y   8.

Sweet Water.

I just love this photo.

The lovely Christina...
Who will be officially living in Brooklyn again by this weekend.
But I'll be happy when I'm there!

We had the most amazing brunch.
Coffee, polenta amazing-ness, and this crazy desert!

Thanks to Sarah.

This is a guy friend's apartment that I think is decorated quite well...
and more...


See ya, Brooklyn.

This was randomly in the car.
A Monarch beautiful.

Soooo, oddly enough I ended up back in New York just 2 weeks after this trip!
Those photos are awesome and will be around soon.


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