Wednesday, February 03, 2010


T H E   W O O D S .

B R O O K L Y N ,   N Y C .

D A Y   7 .

Dinner with a side of Karaoke!

Margaritas...crazy margaritas.

Ted's had chili powder around the rim!

The guys ordered this tequila called Mezcal which means agave or maguey.  It's made from the heart of the maguey plant which is called the pina.  Anyhow it was served with these dried up grasshoppers.  You're supposed to eat them with the mezcal, but while sipping it, not shooting it.

So gross.

Ted's Neil Diamond shirt looking like a Chucky Doll!...I had to get a photo of this rare occasion.

Ted lookin' hot damn.

I swear there were other people with us, but there just didn't make it into the photos...?


This guy was so good and his moves were to die for.
That star (along with the bar) reminded me of Long Beach...?

Ted and I sang "Free Your Mind" by EnVouge.
Just sayin'.

This was the breakdown.

I am wearing: Shirt - Vintage silk blouse, Pants - Jean Paul Gautier, Shoes - Cool, Casual by Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Bra - from U.O., Jewelry - Vintage from swapmeet @ Rosebowl.

And I'm out.
To smoke cause that was nerve racking.

This guy's whole situation was mind blowing...

So I had to take a photo with him...of course.
He looks crazed...literally.

The scarf made me do it.

The lovely Sarah.

Who convinced me to sing with her...this look of "noooo waaaay!" on my face is because that was the exact second that I realized Sarah could actually sing!

And I can I kept that mic waaaaaaay down.

Great last night in Brooklyn.



  1. haha this is amazing! The woods; loved sooo dearly that i went back the following night for my going away party!!! Love you lady, and i dont know if you call what i do singing... besides i recall after you owning "Free your Mind" you lost your voice somewhere between the stage and outside for a cig. -sarah

  2. Oh maaaaaan, I really miss weird how we barely know each other and I have a feeling we're going to have a long road of friendship ahead of us! I had so much fun! <3