Monday, February 01, 2010


B I E N V E N I D O   A   M I A M I .

Day 4

Getting the knives.
Hair: TeddiGirl...she's magical.

We look like a Revlon ad...?
All those lip colors!
Megan was wearing the most amazing coat/cape!

The Cool Kids.

Dance moves: 100% real.
Dress:  Vintage Cache.
Purse: Vintage.
Lace Bike Shorts: BreannaLee.
Shoes:  Deena & Ozzy w/ Vintage Spike Harnesses. 

Teddi's wearing an American Apparel (?) lace bodysuit and I don't know what her dress is, but I do know she cut off the bottom = Love.

Megan's blouse is Derek Lam and her shorts are Vintage...they button like sailor shorts in the front = Love.

Oh maaaaan.
It;s hard when your dance move don't agree with holding a drink at the same time.
I spilled on myself later :/
Thank you Dr. Seiver.
Party Planner.

Photos courtesy of Theodore Boyer.

And I'm out.


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