Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Channeling Dior.

So I'm channeling the Dior Spring 2010 vibe here.

Classic movie star look.

I thrifted this dress, which is a long sleeved MAXI dress...shoulder pads...the works.
I freakin' love it.
Too bad I can't show you the whole is nonexistent still.

Trying a darker eyebrow (since mine do grow in BLACK and all) and very little eye makeup.
Basically just a little bit of brown eyeshadow and some takes about 2 mins.
I woke up and my hair was soooo dirty and I'm soooo lazy about my hair (always) that I just did what it told me to do and I got this.
Took 5 mins...and thats only because I changed it twice.
My roots are atrocious, but I'm kinda just running with it.
P.s. My "real" roots is what I'm referring can see them in that last 2 photos pretty badly.
I'm going to see if I can make it another month...?...gross.
Trying to make white trash pretty....?


Not bad for being sick AGAIN.  
It's such a bummer to be sick while the weather is simply amazing and it's practically throwing rocks at your window to come out and play...damn-it.
I'm about to finish my Spring 2010 production (about damn time), so I've been getting up super early to run around and then come to work...

At least I'm treasury Dept. today where the whole front of the store rolls open so I can catch a breeze and see the sky :)
Come by and visit if you're around.
We can chat about life while I sip tea...

...or we can exchange "your mother is soooooo fat that..." jokes.

Either way.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Watch out...there are some nip slips...

Well this first one is a bit more than that,

Ph: Greg Gex
Styling: Matthieu Pabiot
Hair stylist: St├ęphanie Farouze
Make-Up: Marie Lanne at Calliste
Retouch:Lara Magnan
Model: Maike Ludenbach at Next 

Source: tfs

Pretty sure these are about a year or so old, but I love them none the less.
Her hair rules.


Thursday, February 04, 2010


T H E R E   I S   N O   G O O D

I N   T H I S   G O O D B Y E .

B R U N C H   W I T H   S O M E    B A B E S .

D A Y   8.

Sweet Water.

I just love this photo.

The lovely Christina...
Who will be officially living in Brooklyn again by this weekend.
But I'll be happy when I'm there!

We had the most amazing brunch.
Coffee, polenta amazing-ness, and this crazy desert!

Thanks to Sarah.

This is a guy friend's apartment that I think is decorated quite well...
and more...


See ya, Brooklyn.

This was randomly in the car.
A Monarch beautiful.

Soooo, oddly enough I ended up back in New York just 2 weeks after this trip!
Those photos are awesome and will be around soon.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010


T H E   W O O D S .

B R O O K L Y N ,   N Y C .

D A Y   7 .

Dinner with a side of Karaoke!

Margaritas...crazy margaritas.

Ted's had chili powder around the rim!

The guys ordered this tequila called Mezcal which means agave or maguey.  It's made from the heart of the maguey plant which is called the pina.  Anyhow it was served with these dried up grasshoppers.  You're supposed to eat them with the mezcal, but while sipping it, not shooting it.

So gross.

Ted's Neil Diamond shirt looking like a Chucky Doll!...I had to get a photo of this rare occasion.

Ted lookin' hot damn.

I swear there were other people with us, but there just didn't make it into the photos...?


This guy was so good and his moves were to die for.
That star (along with the bar) reminded me of Long Beach...?

Ted and I sang "Free Your Mind" by EnVouge.
Just sayin'.

This was the breakdown.

I am wearing: Shirt - Vintage silk blouse, Pants - Jean Paul Gautier, Shoes - Cool, Casual by Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Bra - from U.O., Jewelry - Vintage from swapmeet @ Rosebowl.

And I'm out.
To smoke cause that was nerve racking.

This guy's whole situation was mind blowing...

So I had to take a photo with him...of course.
He looks crazed...literally.

The scarf made me do it.

The lovely Sarah.

Who convinced me to sing with her...this look of "noooo waaaay!" on my face is because that was the exact second that I realized Sarah could actually sing!

And I can I kept that mic waaaaaaay down.

Great last night in Brooklyn.


Monday, February 01, 2010


B I E N V E N I D O   A   M I A M I .

Day 4

Getting the knives.
Hair: TeddiGirl...she's magical.

We look like a Revlon ad...?
All those lip colors!
Megan was wearing the most amazing coat/cape!

The Cool Kids.

Dance moves: 100% real.
Dress:  Vintage Cache.
Purse: Vintage.
Lace Bike Shorts: BreannaLee.
Shoes:  Deena & Ozzy w/ Vintage Spike Harnesses. 

Teddi's wearing an American Apparel (?) lace bodysuit and I don't know what her dress is, but I do know she cut off the bottom = Love.

Megan's blouse is Derek Lam and her shorts are Vintage...they button like sailor shorts in the front = Love.

Oh maaaaan.
It;s hard when your dance move don't agree with holding a drink at the same time.
I spilled on myself later :/
Thank you Dr. Seiver.
Party Planner.

Photos courtesy of Theodore Boyer.

And I'm out.