Sunday, January 31, 2010


L I T   L O U N G E .

Day 4

Teddi in Ted's hat.

Suzanne from Spanish Moss Vintage sent me this dress for my Birthday! 

I wish I had better pictures of it though (yes, that is a neon bra, duh).  

These were all taken with my expired film as well.

Anyway, it's a "wet look" sequin mini dress!

I was wearing a sweater crop top over it in the earlier photos...
from Treasury Dept. located in The Lab in Costa Mesa, Ca.

That was a gift from Lindsay for my birthday too!

Teddi and Ted always look great together!


Saturday, January 30, 2010


N E W   Y E A R S   D A Y : 

J A N U A R Y   F I R S T   2 0 1 0


Teddi Girl: Walk of Shame.
That little tag says: "Made especially for you by Patricia Pratt"

The above were taken with my old film as well!

Polaroids by Theodore Boyer
Check out his blog!

Crotch shot.

Come and get some.

THis night got really wild and I have no idea why we ALL stopped taking photos...I danced with so many bitchin' black boys.
I mean, I think I forgot who I was for a minute.


Friday, January 29, 2010


N E W   Y E A R S   E V E   2 0 0 9

N E W   Y O R K  :  D A Y   1

My New Years Dress.
$15 @ some vintage store in Brooklyn.
Ted looking fab as usual.
Me...who knows?
This is the only full length photo I have of my New Years dress...what a shame.  Anyhow, it kicked rear.
Photo cred: Theodore Boyer
Teddi Girl.
Absolutely amazing.
Wowzas, that's some dirty hair...ew.
The infamous Grandma Scarf (My Grandmother made this for me for Christmas)...of which I was recognized by all over Brooklyn...?
I love it and it kept me sooooo warm!
Doubled as a blanket :)
I lost this lipstick that night...along with my fav vintage turban...tear.
Zane. Megan.
Happy New Year.
We danced on the table tops of the restaurant to ring in the New Year...all while drinking out of mason jars...
that's fine.
Safety pin earring.
2 kooks.
Most of these were taking with a 35mm point and shoot film camera.
I used expired film.
These last 3 photos are the only ones that came out like this the whole trip.
This one is my favorite.

So far, I love Twenty-Ten!

I'll post my trip day by day :)