Wednesday, December 09, 2009


After my Pre-sale for my Spring 2010 line...
the girls convinced me to go out...

I love this cause Meghan looks like a ghost...and ghost and Meghan both have a "gh"....weird.

All 3 of these are up cause if you morph them together we finally get a good photo.
Just looking out for ALL 3 of ya.
Although Giuliana looks good in all of them...eff her.

Sean Walker received loads of attention from his new hair cut.
Lookin' gooooood.

Giuliana is a P-I-M-P.
That jacket is from my vintage sale that I had...of which I will be having another one next week!

This photo is crucial because you can see what time it was when we decided to go to Alex's Bar for "Secret Affair" and dance our asses off!

I just love these photos of Linds...she's a trooper.
I was on a lap in the back too.
C L O W N   C A R .

This is the worst picture, but I still love it.

How did they know???


Sooooo here's were shit gets weird...
I guess I just really missed my my old days of chugging white wine in the streets with my old 3 Musketeers gang.

This was all the same bottle too...not like we each had our a 40 oz., but that would have been cool too.
I have no idea why, but I always close my I just slip off into Heaven or something...hahhaaa.
I'm bringing back my scarf again.  I seem to revert back to this this thing every Fall/Winter.  It was my Step-grandmother's, but my sister is the one who actually gave it to me.  I love it.

She hates it.

We really aren't trashy or anything.  It's just that we came from a house party/jam sesh and that's what we that's what we brought to the
Needless to say we all had horrible hangovers.
I was probably the least effected...weird.
"I'm a Golden God".

Baby-est sister.

There you have it.
"Secret Affair" at Alex's Bar.
We danced a lot.
I think Meghan and Steve fell on the floor.
Head first or something.
Gotta watch those dance moves!



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  1. oh my god i never saw that... i LOVE the picture where i'm about to spit out the wine... and the clown car status. wow.