Sunday, November 22, 2009


There are very few movies that I see and wish I could dress like.
With that said, Kill Bill, The 5th Element, Aeon Flux, and any sweet ass movie where chicks are kicking ass are among my favorites.
Unfortunately for me (and the rest of the world...ha ha) these fashion choices would be horribly inappropriate.

If you have seen Kill BIll then you've seen Daryl Hannah's character, 
Elle Driver...

Yeah, she looks like a bad ass, 
what I'm really trying to get at it this look...

Costume credits go to Kumiko Ogawa and Cathrine Marie Thomas.
Not really sure who was responsible for the line drawn trench, but thank you very much for being a genius.

Okay, okay, okay, soooo
then there is undergraduate, Rosalind Keep, from London College of Fashion.
I'm going to say that the inspiration is obvious, but I could be wrong.

These screen prints are more like the flat sketches you have to do in a fashion design program.  Thats why they have a little bit more "movement" to them...showing gathers where they would be in real life if it we on an actual person.
Elle Driver's trench coat is a bit more straight forward...they drew lines where they ACTUALLY would be if it were an actual trench coat.

Seriously though, whatever!
I love both of them!
I would wear that body con dress in 5 seconds.
Hey ladies, DIY your life away.


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