Friday, November 06, 2009


Ha ha...yeeeeaaaaah.

I love that dressing like you whip people in the wee hours of the morning for a living is IN.
Thank you to the world of fashion for making this O.K.. 

This just gave me soooo many ideas for one of my lines and maybe even a DIY project or two.

Sequins in the daytime for life.

This is insane and I would totally wear the effing grocery store.

Cut-out shoulders = a must.

This girl is absolutely swimming in theses hand them over, betch, and you won't get hurt.

This chick is on FIIIIII-eeeeeeeeerrrr.
P.s. I know i spelled "fire" wrong...I spelled it how you're supposed to read it and if I have to explain shit like this again you're gonna get a bitch slap through your monitor.
Yeah, you.

I think this jacket is ugly, but I LOVE those straps hanging from everything.
Kick ass.


These pants came to me in my sleep and told me they were made for me...and I believe them.

I like this and I kinda want it, but I have no idea where the heck I would wear this...or where anyone would wear this?

Another one! 
 A little black circle skirt in leather over this would be ideal and now I'm obsessing a little.


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