Monday, November 23, 2009


This made me so happy today and I needed it.
Since I was little I've always dreamed that it would "bubble" the same way it rains.
I used to draw so many pictures of it in junior high.
Although that could have been the pot...?

Anyhow, this is a beautiful photo.

It got me started on cute kid photos...

This last one blew my mind...look how awesome those little girls are!
Their dad is the photographer and he has blog with about a million photos that he takes of them.
They are ALL amazing.

So then that lead me to SUPER funny kid photos...I was laughing out loud at the shop while looking at these.
Only the worthy ones.
Please do not be offended by my sense of humor.
I hope it brightens your Monday...

These "FAIL" photos GOOD.

I mean, how?...ALL over the face, but not in the kid's eyes...I really don't understand.
What an animal.

I hate it.
So much.

Baby Pervs.
Its so inappropriate.
I love it.

Future Multitasker.

I love picturing the parents right now...
"Bahhhhhh, hell yeah, we taped our baby to the wall!...and her duck"

One of my favs for sure.

I'm actually a little sorry for this one, BUT...
its so funny that I couldn't help it.
I mean, did he do that to himself or did his parents?
Either way its screwed.

This kid rules.

I seriously almost spit out my freaking chi tea latte all over my computer screen when I found this one!
This shit is AWESOME.
I NEED to meet the person who photoshopped this...I feel like we have a lot in common.
That face....I'm still laughing.

What, you guys?
It's true.
This is a serious subject that we need to address.
I hate it.

I feel better, do you?


Sunday, November 22, 2009


...or design school!

This jewelry is so great.
Just makes me smile.

Maria Christina Bellucci

For purchase contact



There are very few movies that I see and wish I could dress like.
With that said, Kill Bill, The 5th Element, Aeon Flux, and any sweet ass movie where chicks are kicking ass are among my favorites.
Unfortunately for me (and the rest of the world...ha ha) these fashion choices would be horribly inappropriate.

If you have seen Kill BIll then you've seen Daryl Hannah's character, 
Elle Driver...

Yeah, she looks like a bad ass, 
what I'm really trying to get at it this look...

Costume credits go to Kumiko Ogawa and Cathrine Marie Thomas.
Not really sure who was responsible for the line drawn trench, but thank you very much for being a genius.

Okay, okay, okay, soooo
then there is undergraduate, Rosalind Keep, from London College of Fashion.
I'm going to say that the inspiration is obvious, but I could be wrong.

These screen prints are more like the flat sketches you have to do in a fashion design program.  Thats why they have a little bit more "movement" to them...showing gathers where they would be in real life if it we on an actual person.
Elle Driver's trench coat is a bit more straight forward...they drew lines where they ACTUALLY would be if it were an actual trench coat.

Seriously though, whatever!
I love both of them!
I would wear that body con dress in 5 seconds.
Hey ladies, DIY your life away.


Saturday, November 21, 2009


This short little fashion video is kind of fun...
In a psycho-killer, bad dream kind of way...

It reminds me of the movie The Cell, of which, after seeing I can never knock Jennifer Lopez.

Still having problems with my video upload...someone might have to get punched.
Here are some visuals to hold you over...

Props by MADE and clothes by Nathan Jenden, Rupert Sanderson, Hannah Marshall, Louise Goldin & Manjit Deu.
Hair stylist, Charlie Le Mindu.

Sorry, I've been a lazy blogger.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


O L I V E R   S T A L M A N S

I'm into the whimsical feeling these photos have, all while looking edgy.

Courtesy of CyanaTrendLand.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Courtney Love

Photographed by

Hedi Slimane

This shoot is perfect.

The colors, the styling, the make-up, the hair, and the vibe.

There has always been something that attracts me to Courtney Love.
She seems so interesting to me..."seems" being a very important word here...because who the hell knows?
Hedi Slimane did such a great job with her though.
and, P.s. Courtney looks A-mazing!
Love, love, love.


Saturday, November 07, 2009


A L E X A N D E R   M C Q U E E N

you slay me.

Oh good God, this is completing me in so many ways...I mean, waaaay back to my childhood ways.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhhhhh, 
get it into my life right now.
When I typed that I was saying it out loud and shaking my head a, fully loosing it in a creepy way.
Somebody needs to DIY this for my birthday!!!!!!
Ahhhhhhhh...its in December...the 11th to be exact.