Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Do you guys watch The Rachel Zoe Project?

Well, I don't have t.v., but when I did I watched it.
You can make fun of that women all you want, but she is PURE entertainment.  
She deserves her own show...and Bradley, wtf? That guy is bananas.

This parody is hilarious, but I still think I do a better Rachel Zoe impression.

So here is a link, which I know is annoying, but there is something seriously 
wrong with my video upload...please watch this because its hilarious...
and because of this I will probably start doing weekly posts of the actual 
Rachel Zoe because I think she's a genius.


"I'm like Jodi Foster in the movie the Panic Room".

Thank you.

I like Rachel Zoe for 3 reasons...

1.) She has an abundant collection of long dresses (yes please) that are effing unreal.

So here are some of my fav fashion shots of the Miss Zoe...

This one is "bananas".

2.) She has a MILLION furs and she wears them no matter what the weather...I freakin' love that.

3.) She is a repeat shoe offender (you can see in a bunch of photos above and below)...which I think is realistic and I'm happy to know that Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars who can get her hands on ANYTHING, repeats shoes...even at events. Thank you for being realistic, Rachel Zoe.

Here are some more photos because I can't get enough of her iconic style.
She rules.

Feather jacket, no big deal.

Erin Fetherston dress made specially for her.

Those shoes kick ass.

Oh yeah, she wears bell bottoms all the time and I commend her for that...cause I LOVE me some bell bottoms!

"Oh no, Molls, you can't wear that".
If you watch the show this will make sense to you and make you laugh.

She just had her 39th birthday in September...


Than you, Rachel Zoe.


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