Friday, October 23, 2009


Sooooo, let me explain this...Remember that scene in The Matrix where there are giving a speech in the "real world" to rally everyone???
I tried to find some photos to help, but I can't find any.
Anyhow, anything thats ripped or a weird sweater, or a weird sweater thats ripped, reminds me of The Matrix.
This is all for love of fashion and fun ;)

Um. I tried to make this photo look like it was taken in the 70's...
since I have a feather in my hair and all...?

Lets talk make-up.
I did my eyeshadow to match my feather...

This photo was on accident, but I just like it.

What?...I wanted more rain.

I'm pretty positive that my neighbors, officially, think I'm nuts.
Its cool.  
Its probably the only way to survive in the ghettos of LBC anyhow.

Sweater: Thrifted (but basically its a 2x womens sweater...haha), Leggings: DIY (I cut them up myself), Boots:  Franco Sarto, Jewelry: F21.


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