Monday, October 12, 2009


I absolutely LOVE Louise Brooks.  Her signature style is insanity.  She lead the way for bobs and pixies alike.  In 1929 she was in the first film to portray a lesbian, which had to be censored in some places purely based on its adult content.  She quit acting in '31 and became a sales girl at Saks...I mean, wtf?  Then later became a courtesan...yeah, that's right, you read me.  During this time she began to write an autobiographical novel titled Naked on My Goat (so awesome)...of which she freaked and through it in an incinerator after a couple years of writing.  Brooks filed for bankruptcy, was accused of prostitution, "loathed the Hollywood scene", married twice, never had kids, and referred to herself as "Barren Brooks".  She was a damn firecracker and thats why she kicks ass in my book.

I secretly believe that I was supposed to be born in the early 1900's, so I could have been around my 20's in the twenties and thirties.
Louise and I would have "loathed hollywood" together and kicked ass all over town.


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