Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The Birds (1963) this movie.
I've had a mild obsession with them ever since the first time I saw this film...some of it negative, some of it positive.
Ex.: I started collecting Vintage clothes with bird prints on them because I couldn't help, but be drawn to them...weird, I know.

Me in 30 years...can't you picture it so well???
Minus the Poodle looking dog...replace with a Pit Bull.

Natasha Khan = So cooooooool.
Oh, and thats fine, nice floor length dress...
Lets bring those back together ladies...I love it.

So strange.

I love this because I think that I will only want my kids to have obscure stuffed animals as toys...instead of some damn Hannah Montana bullshit.

Me in 60 years...If I can do it now, I'll do it then.
This shit is hilarious and REAL, I love it.


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