Friday, October 30, 2009


I freakin' love this picture.
My face describes everything.

Jamaican Bacon.

Sweetest photo.

Good thing that Mike made it in the photo.

Okay, we've come to the collective conclusion that the "Shaky Head" photos only work when you have something to shake hair.  Apparently they end up looking like you're border line insane...or handicapped.

Fish Kiss Betches.



Guy Bourdin is my favorite Photographer.
Something about his perverse irony that gets my attention.

I'll do a better post on him later...I have so many favorites that I've collected over the years!

Next up,
Jason Lee Parry.

Also, check out he and his girlfriend, Jenny's, blog...


That make-up artist is GOOD.

Last, but not least,
Tim Burton
Harper's Bazaar.

This is so awesome.
Just making creepy, cool.
LOVE Tim Burton and I can't wait for his version of Alice in Wonderland in Spring 2010!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN tonight and tomorrow night!


Thursday, October 29, 2009



This might amaze you, but I used to be in a youth circus when I was younger.
Ha Ha...that sounds like I'm bragging.
One of the things I partook in was Clowns/Knockabouts.
*Knockabout: one who uses comic acrobatics in which slaps and falls are predominate.
We had to sit in front of the mirrors for hours making faces...I mean, the crowd had to see us from pretty far away, so they had to be GOOD.
Just sayin'.


Plaid Button Up: Thrifted (Men's section), Black Velvet Dress: Vintage Gap, Chain Belt:  Thrifted, Necklaces: Vintage (swapmeet), Ripped Nylons: DIY, (obviously), that was a San Diego night out accident, and P.s. I'm wearing an ear cuff...which has become an obsession lately since I refuse to take it off.

Ever changing needing change.

Hope you're ALL having a fantastic day!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So I have a sick obsession with changing my hair ALL the time.
This has been the longest I've gone without cutting it or coloring it.
I haven't colored it since March 2008.
I haven't cut it since February of this year (2009...just in case you forgot).
Anyhow, it's driving me nuts!

So here are my plans in order for, probably, 
what will be the next year or so...

Since my hair is already similar to this, I'm going for it.
My roots will be much darker'll be a little more dramatic!


Then I'm going to chop off all the blonde and chill out like this.
Add a little toner for a richer brown...or maybe even red!
Who knows.


I'll cut it a little more.
Then I'll just bleach the shit out of it.
Why not?
Plus I love having blonde hair.
It is true, they do have more fun.

Just judge this one, buuuuuut...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to add this pale lavendar color in my hair too.
I mean, why the hell not.  This is why I LOVE having short hair, 
it really doesn't matter what you do because you can cut it off or 
dye over it and you don't give a shit.


This hair cut and color is my ultimate goal.
Normally I would just chop it now and bleach it, but look at all the fun things I can do on the way!
I've already have my hair like this about 5 years ago, for about 3 years.
It was fun and I'm pretty sure I'll totally be taking photos like this once I cut it.

Last, but not least, Emily Valentine.

Which of course is going to be a natural effect for me,
So I'm gonna run wit it.
The roots that is, not the style...ew.
keepin' it reeeeal skanky.

So there you have it.
Do you love it?
Or do you hate it?
Either way, I don't give a fuck.
I do what I want!