Sunday, September 20, 2009


More often than not (no matter what hair color I have) I get that I look like Christina Applegate...

Now, I'm picking photos that resemble each other, but kind of freaks me out.

So, just recently, I had a friend tell me I look like Alexa Chung...
(all I have to say is God bless Suzanne for thinking this)

I know, I Photoshopped myself into this one, but only because this freaked me out a bit as well.

In conclusion, I like to think that I look like no one but myself...but I am grateful that the ladies I "resemble" are RAD ladies.  
So here is a tribute to all that is awesome about Christina Applegate and Alexa Chung....

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I need these earings right now.

I don't know many other people that can pull off Tiger printed pants while doing the splits, but damn, she looks good in them.

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Soooo, do you think this is where With Hearts in My Eyes got their inspiration for the exclusive style on BonaDrag???

Alexa Chung...

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All images Googled...too many places to name.