Sunday, August 23, 2009


Day and Night.
Getting ready in a dash!

Look at that handsome devil guy in the corner.

Wore this to work.
T-shirt: Comune blank (thanks Billy).
Mens Button up buff check: seriously, I think its a XXL or a dress, you decide.
Ballet flats: Aldo.
Jewelry: hand-me-downs from my mother (the best kind of jewelry) & mixed/old.

Come here, baby shit, geez!

Added some stuff.
Like a Kelly Bundy wave...essential, duh.
An extra Necklace: vintage.
A mini skirt: any dept. store lingerie section has these.
Some rings: turquoise from my momma & a hot pink one from Costa Rica.
Boots: awesome find if I don't say...although I do have a guy friend who hates them (you know who you are) and sometimes I still think its affecting our friendship :/.

Okay, this face symbolizes how I felt when I left the house (through my 
back door, like usual) and my heel (stiletto) got completely wedged 
in between the the floor boards in my staircase.
PEOPLE, I was stuck!
I mean I was pulling SUPER hard on it.
Contemplated taking my foot out of the boot and switching shoes...ugh.
I just really didn't like that idea.
I mean, I REALLY wanted to wear these effing boots.
10 minutes later I yanked my damn boot out of the floor boards.
Liiiiike, what would my neighbor have thought when he came home from work and there it was...just a boot stuck in the wood...right by his door?
I'll tell you...he would have thought, "That girl is an idiot".
And I'm not mad, cause I felt like an idiot.
Say idiot again.


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