Thursday, August 20, 2009


See by Chloe.
Waaaaah, I want it.

The Other Night or Two...

Dawes with Luke.
Detroit Bar.
Thats what I got. There were heads in the way.
I blame you, Martin, for not emailing me real photos.
Carlos is my new muse. I absolutely love what he is wearing.
Check that color scheme, betches.
When asked where his shorts were from...
Answer: He made them. Yep, you heard me.
I'm often more intrigued by guys fashion. Its more challenging coming from a women's design perspective...which is why I try & post equal amounts of guy ish.
For The Guys For The Girls.
Martin, you look high, but I still love what you're wearing.
Romany Rye.
The Echo.
This band is made up of 1 part We Barbarians (Dave Quon), 1 part Delta Spirit(Kelly Winrich), 1 part skateboarder (Danny Garcia, of which Luke refers to as his manpanion...just reading that makes me laugh), and all parts Luke MacMaster.
Love it.
The Echo.
This is one reason why I love Wylie.
That is just fine.


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