Monday, August 31, 2009


I really wanted to take some good street style photos while I was down in San Diego, 
it was terrible.

Day One.
The bottom RIGHT is for Myspace...duh.
And if you care, I'm wearing all vintage...except my crazy bra.
The Coaster...God Bless it.
Just some ads for Sapporo.
California is the shit. 

Zero to Crazy in 10 minutes flat.
They are fun, but I've seen them before. Although they did announce DJ AM's death during their set...shocking.
I had to get a photo of the raver lady with the light up finger tip gloves...look at them go when she dances.
Before Girl Talk.
Girl Talk was absolutely insane.
(I got a number...thats how insane)
After Girl Talk.
(Christina calls this look, "sea urchin") 
Black Eyed Peas.
They weren't that good...obviously, but I am completely IN LOVE with the shorts that Fergie was wearing!
Hey EVERYBODY!, I'm not wearing any underwear!
I love all that is skanky. 

It was so hot.
I wore nothing. No, seriously though...The Shortest Shorts: samples from my old job, Slub Tank: F21, Black Vest: The most amazing vintage vest that one of my old venders gave to me because she said that it looked like something I HAD to have...genius, Boots: Doc Martins, Purse: Vintage...(I think that a serial killer used to own it, which is another story).
Public Enemy.
They played for about an hour and a half (because EVERYBODY was late that rude) and they killed it.
Just sayin'.
Busta Rhymes.
Has no hair.
He was late and he pissed me off.
But he did, 
Pass the Courvoisier.
Everybody sing it now.
This something that I just didn't get and I somewhat got mad at.
Yes, I did take this photo.
And, YES, they did KICK SO MUCH ASS!
The Dead Weather fully blew my mind.  Alison Mosshart is a TRUE rockstar.
Thinking about being her for Halloween.
Jack White's was amazing and so was his drum set. He sang, played drums, and then graced us with his overly talented guitar skills.
Thank You, The Dead Weather, you are my new favorite band.

We also saw Thievery Corporation, but I was too tired and hot to care by that point.
I know.
Was actually pretty bad. I really like her and I expected more. I'm blaming it on the fact that she's a momma now. On the upside she gave us A LOT of crotch thrusts and middle fingers.
Don't YOU tell me what to do.


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