Thursday, August 06, 2009

Polly, Chloë, and Tonight...

There is something very Polly Scattergood about Polly Scattergood. - Alexis Swerdloff, Paper Magazine.
Veeery profound, yet spot on. Go to iTunes right now and purchase her self-titled album, "Polly Scattergood", right now....did I say right now? Her voice is a whimsical, whispering, mess of perfection. I mean, she has a song named "Bunny Club"....come ooon! And stop it with that good. You be the judge.

For The Guys For The Girls...
Chloë Sevigny for Open Ceremony.
Just a little daiquiri (thats for you Brit) of American History X,
In Living Color, Trainspotting, and Freddie Kruger.
That's fine.
Coming soon.
Get on that.

Polaroid Party
7 p.m.
Hibbleton Gallery
Fullerton, Ca
**The event is scheduled to coincide with the date of the expiration of the Polaroid 600 Series.
Sooooo sad.
One mo' gain.
Bet that made you happy.
And that's REAL...(and that one is for you, Mikey).


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