Sunday, August 23, 2009


A friend forwarded this to me and I pretty much love him for it.
I can't believe how much I agree with their Final 20 from their Top 500 of the's kind of stuuuuuupid awesome.
So here we gooooooo...

20. The Walkmen
"The Rat"
[Record Collection; 2004]

19. R. Kelly
"Ignition (Remix)"
[Jive/BMG; 2002]

18. Hercules and Love Affair
[DFA/Mute; 2008]

17. Annie
[679; 2004]

16. The Rapture
"House of Jealous Lovers"
[DFA; 2002]

15. The Knife
[Rapid/V2; 2002]

14. Jay-Z
"99 Problems"
[Roc-A-Fella; 2003]

13. LCD Soundsystem
"Loosing My Edge"
[DFA; 2002]

12. Outkast 
"Hey Ya!"
[LaFace/Arista; 2003]

11. Gnarls Barkley
[Downtown/Warner; 2005]

10. Arcade Fire
"Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"
[Merge; 2004]

9. Animal Collective
"My Girls"
[Domino; 2009]

8. Radiohead
[Capitol; 2000]

7. Missy Elliott
"Get Ur Freak On"
[Elektra; 2001]

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
[Interscope; 2003]

5. Daft Punk
"One More Time"
[Virgin; 2000]

4. Beyonce [ft. Jay-Z]
"Crazy in Love"
[Columbia/Sony; 2003]

3. M.I.A.
"Paper Planes (Diplo Remix)"
[XL/Interscope; 2007]

2. LCD Soundsystem
"All My Friends"
[DFA/EMI; 2007]

1. Outkast
[LaFace/Arista; 2000]

So, a good job to Outkast for #1...that song kicks ass and they deserve that spot.
Also, for making on the Final 20 well as LCD Soundsystem.  I'm pretty pumped that they recognized the beauty of R. Kelly's "Ignition"! That song reminds me of Santa Barbara and Suzanne and Vincent Carafano's wedding...No Big Deal.  Thank goodness The Walkmen baaaaarely made it onto the Final 20.  
Jay-Z's "99 Problems"...come on...forget about it, that song makes me LOSE my mind every time.  Is anyone else tripping out that The Knife's "Heartbeats" came out in 2002?!...that makes me feel old as shit.

Go to their site to check the Top 500!
You can listen to all the songs on their site as well.


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