Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Outrageous", As Diana Would Say...

So last night some guy tried to fight me.
He said something crazy and derogatory to my sister and well, you don't mess with the fam...you know what I'm sayin'?
"I'm a come at you like a spider monkey, Chip!"
It would have been a lot of fun bringing out the 909...tear.
But it turned out that his GF just broke up with him and he was 'feeling insecure'...his words, no joke.

What I was doing was attending a Dawes show in Costa Mesa @ Detroit Bar. The show was particularly good last night...could have been the vibes...could have been the awesomely drunk girl, Woodstock dancing in the front...who knows?
Great show though!
I'll be there next week too...get there.

For The Guys For The Girls...
or just for the girls?
I love sequins and I love this outfit. Guys wear sequins? I was cool with it at first and then I decided, "oooooh hell no!". Do not even try to steal our thunder!...Sequins are ours damn-it!
You stop it, you stop it right now.