Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay so at first I decided that I wasn't going to do this kind of thing, but I decided its necessary...I mean, this is a FASHION/music/art blog. Fashion being first...and since I can't sing for you I'll just post what I wore the other night...
Sorry man.
My cat is a total ham...actually he just wants to play with anything that I'm touching, sooooo he tried to "spiderman" man boyfriend, Tripod...what a jerk.
I know, that photo is GOOD.
Neon Bras...Yes please.
(by the way, thats my next blog
Basically, right now, I'm really into really large shorts...and shorts that look like I'm in my pjs.
Although in these photos I kind of look like a soccer player?
I like the lighting in this photo. I just got this shirt on super sale at Urban. I kind of love it, thinking about being it for Halloween (that was for you, Christina).
Hot Pink Lipstick...Yes Please.
(sweet bay-bay hairs, huh?).
Top: Urban, Shorts: Thrifted, NeonBra: Urban, Sweater: F21, Socks: Target, Shoes: F21

I know you guys have heard of the "walk of shame", right?
Well, here I am in all my glory...
The next day at the mall...what a scumbag.
(ugh, I hate the word mall).
Soooo, this was disturbing...giant scale at the to the food court, I might add.
Then again downstairs.
Do you think they are trying to tell us that we are all Fat American Mall-Goers???
Anyhow, its 25 cents.
A special thanks to my photog boyfriend, Tripod...
isn't he amazing?


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