Friday, August 21, 2009


All I need in this life of sin is me and my boyfriend.
I've never known her to "not know"...
Do you guys think I hate it???
That is the ugliest effing bag I've ever seen.
(please tell me you've seen Mean Girls...?)
Hey Tanya! Do you think we have time for a movie montage?!
(The Sweetest Thing...?)
P.s. some guy at Urban Outfitters asked Tanya to marry him.
(while I was posing like a...
Dirty Pirate Hooker).
Whaaaat? Not marriage material?
Sorry guys, Tom Cruise made me do it.
You think this is crazy, but I'll show you some eye patch action right now.
And you guys made me do this.
Great, now Lady GaGa has made it on my blog.
I promise this will never happen again.
I'm ashamed.
The next FeverFridayFever will have a camera and it will be better, I promise.


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