Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm getting over being sick.
Not much make up happened today.
I got my hair done!
Woo Woo!

I am wearing:  Leopard dress - Vintage, Black Sweater crop Top - from Treasury Dept. in The Lab in Costa Mesa, Ca., Necklace - present from Christmas...<3 you sister.


Saturday, December 12, 2009


Its freakin" freezing in my apt!
All I can think about it how to get warm.
I love the Fall (better than summer), but this is insanity.
I mean it's rainy and wet and cold.
All I want to do is curl up with my baby kitty and watch Mad Men...
for like 3 days.

So here are some nice warm photos I found to inspire warm thoughts.

This is The Boo...courtesy of Lindsay.
Don't even tell me you don't wanna curl up with that little guy for 3 days!!!

Awwww, I feel warmer.
Have a Winter day with Summer thoughts.



Friday, December 11, 2009


Sooo, Lindsay took me out for my birthday...

Ooooooh God, Yes.

I know what you're thinking...this is what I would feel like if I actually ate a crepe.  I obeyed my allergy and only ate the inside (although, I did have one bite...just one).

Geez, it's so good to be 24 ;)

Thank you, Lindsay.

Seriously, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Root:1 Cab...has anyone else had this???
I kind of love's from Chile.

Oh no.

Yep, so happy about our meal.
And then...

My stomach hurts.

How I felt in the car.

Lindsay made me laugh.

Which made me almost barf.

 I held it.

It's just not working.

We get home.  I feel a bit better.
But not really.

I couldn't help it.
Go to move.

Well, you know how I like making all the funny faces....
and then...

Blaaaaahhhh, I'm gonna barf.
Happy Barf Day To Me.

Ummmm, Lindsay just woke up and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
Hahahahhaahaaaaa, I love her.